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Photography and Video
For Quinceañeras

We Transform your Quinceañera into a Fairy Tale.

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Hi! I am Hernan Jimenez!

I am the Founder and Director of Marimba Media Group. With university studies in Film Direction and Production, and more than 20 years of experience
in film-quality video production, I can guarantee coverage of your event of the Highest Quality Standards.

At Marimba Media Group, we aim to offer the best quality in photography and video for your Quinceañera. That is why we have state-of-the-art equipment in cameras, audio recording, and video and photography editing so that you have the memories of your special day in the way you want to remember them.

Highlights Melanie's 15s
Pre-Video Araxie's 15s
Video Recording

Aldana Family

Thank you very much, your work turned out very well, you are very responsible people, very nice work, we were delighted, the video was beautiful and the photos, I recommend them 100%, thank you very much



If you're looking for a trustable company, you are in the right place! Really responsible, patient, hardworking, dedicated, and professional. I love how my photos, album, and my video came out from my quinceanera. I really recommend this company. Their work is very professional, high quality, nice, and affordable. They are very helpful. Amazing work.

Your Quinceañera Party is once-in-a-lifetime experience that is meant to be cherished and remembered for years to come.


With Marimba Media Group, High-quality video and photography are done by professionals who have the experience and equipment to produce excellent work.


This ensures that the final product will look polished and professional, and that the quinceañera and her family will be proud to share it with others.


Capture the memories, emotions, and beauty of these special occasions with the help and assistance of Marimba Media Group. Quinceañera Party video recorded and edited by Marimba Media Group.

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